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Site Excavation

Stott Contracting’s systematic approach to project completion requires planning and detailed scheduling.  Our project managers, together with project owners, subcontractors, and third-party engineering firms, combine efforts from beginning bid meetings to delivery of your project on time and within your budget needs.

With the use of GPS technology, repeated grade staking is becoming obsolete.  Grading now on any single site can be completed with a single pass. This allows increased speed and accuracy for immediate end result benefits .  Through continual education and training seminars, we expand our knowledge base to deliver the best “ready to build” sites.


Safety is top priority at Stott Contracting, LLC.

All employees attend weekly safety meetings. Annually a breakfast safety meeting is held offsite for all employees to discuss our comprehensive safety manual and introduce any new additions.

The impressive success of continued training, weekly and annual meeting, with the strong support of our management team, is evidenced by the low Mod Rate assigned to Stott Contracting.

Stott Contracting LLC is ISN certified supporting our commitment to safety.


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